WordPress preloader plugin, add preloader to wordpress easily, responsive preloader and retina ready, full customize, compatible with all major browsers.

WordPress Preloader Features

  1. Fully Responsive.
  2. Retina Ready.
  3. Full Customize.
  4. jQuery & CSS3.
  5. Compatible with Google Chrome, FireFox, Opera, Safari, IE9, IE10, IE11 and with mobile devices like iPad, iPhone, Android, etc.
  6. Easy to use.

After installed wordpress preloader plugin, go to Plugins menu > Preloader.

wordpress preloader settings

WordPress Preloader Settings

In “Background Color” field, enter background color code, for example #000000, default is white #ffffff.

In “Preloader Image” field, enter preloader image link, get free preloader images.

Display Preloader:

  1. Choose “In Full Website” to display preloader in full website, default is “In Full Website”.
  2. Choose “In Home Page Only” to display preloader in home page only.
  3. Choose “In Front Page Only” to display preloader in front page only.
  4. Choose “In Posts Only” to display preloader in posts only.
  5. Choose “In Pages Only” to display preloader in pages only.
  6. Choose “In Categories Only” to display preloader in categories only.
  7. Choose “In Tags Only” to display preloader in tags only.
  8. Choose “In Attachment Only” to display preloader in attachment only.
  9. Choose “In 404 Error Page Only” to display preloader in 404 error page only.

Preloader Element:

  1. Open header.php file for your theme.
  2. Now after <body> insert preloader html element:
<div id="wptime-plugin-preloader"></div>

How To Open header.php File?

  1. Go to Appearance menu > Editor.
  2. In right menu, click on “Header” link.
  3. Now after <body> insert preloader html element:
<div id="wptime-plugin-preloader"></div>

Look at the following image

wordpress preloader header

Preloader Image Size Extension

In version 1.0.8 you will find new options, but it is disabled:

preloader image size

This is options for Preloader image size, you can change your Preloader image width and height, this options will be activated after purchase Image Size Extension, buy Image Size Extension (read refund policy) for $1.99 on PayPal. After purchase, PayPal will be redirected you to the download page, download the extension, install it as plugin and activate it, now Preloader image size options will be activated:

after purchase image size extension

Enter your Preloader image width and height, default is 64 pixel.
If you want Preloader Retina ready, upload large Preloader image, for example upload image size 512×512, then divide by the number 2, the result is 256×256, now in field “Preloader Image Width” enter number “256” and height “256”, now you have large Preloader image and Retina ready!
If you don’t want to change image size, just upload Preloader image size 128×128, and leave image size options empty, your image size 128×128 will be Retina ready, because default width and height is 64 pixel.
Note: Preloader Image Size Extension is works with Preloader plugin version 1.0.8 or higher.

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