Want to promote your product? Advertise on WP Time and let thousands of people watch your product! New ideas to promote your product.

Why Advertise on WP Time

We have thousands of people every month, targeted visitors. We focus on WordPress plugins, WordPress development, WordPress themes, and Web development. The traffic from Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu, Bing, and WordPress plugin directory, your product in the correct way!

WP Time Stats

Take an overview of WP Time stats: Top Ten of Countries and Top of Traffic Sources. WP Time Statistics is from Google Analytics and Histats. We have 31 plugins on WordPress plugin directory, total the download is 182,638 times, and 150 to 300+ download per day, we also get traffic from WordPress plugins and WordPress.Org.


Don’t worry! All advertisements and plans on WP Time is Anti-AdBlock, your ads will be displayed if the user has AdBlock in the browser.


We have 5 plans:

  1. Header Banners: Size 468×60. Look to an example.
  2. Sidebar Banners: Size 300×250. Look to an example.
  3. PopAd Banner: Pop-Up, any size. Look to an example.
  4. PopAd Close Link: Opening your product link “compulsory”. Open example and click on “X” icon.
  5. PopAd Video: Opening your YouTube or Vimeo video to all visitors (with autoplay). Look to an example.

Note: PopAd Banner and PopAd Close Link and PopAd Video will be displayed 1 time per visitor (unique views).

You can submit your WordPress plugin or theme on WP Time.

The Prices (limited time offer)

We can change the prices and plans at any time:

  1. Header Banners: 31 days for $19.
  2. Sidebar Banners: 31 days for $29.
  3. PopAd Banner: 31 days for $49.
  4. PopAd Close Link: 1 day for $19, 7 days for $49, and 31 days for $149.
  5. PopAd Video: 1 day for $9, 7 days for $39, and 31 days for $99.

Spaces Available

All spaces is available:

  1. Header Banners: 2 of 2.
  2. Sidebar Banners: 3 of 3.
  3. PopAd Banner: 1 of 1.
  4. PopAd Close Link: 1 of 1.
  5. PopAd Video: 1 of 1.


Header and Sidebar Banner size must be under 26KB.
PopAd Banner size must be under 51KB.
PopAd Close Link, Product link, Website link, must be direct link (a clear link) or Bitly shortlink or Google shortlink only.
After publish your Ad, you cannot change your banner link, product or website link, video link, and PopAd Close Link.

Questions and Suggestions

Affiliate links is allowed? Yes, we accept any Affiliate link.
Do you have a question or suggestion? Or do you have a new plan or idea? Contact us.

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