Do you have a WordPress plugin or theme? And do you want promote it? Submit your WordPress plugin or theme on WP Time to publish it to thousands of people.

Why Submitting on WP Time

WP Time has thousands of visitors every month, targeted visitors, the traffic from Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu, Bing, and WordPress plugin directory. WP Time focus on WordPress pluginsdevelopment, themes, and Web development. Your WordPress plugin or theme is in the currect way!
We promote some companies. You can take an overview of WP Time stats: Top Ten of Countries and Top of Traffic Sources,
WP Time Statistics is from Google Analytics and Histats.

Features of Submitting

Your submitted post will be:

  1. Will not be deleted (as long as the site is works).
  2. Display the title and link in the Green Bar* (1 week only), on entire website, cookie bar, look at the example.

Green Bar*: Your post will be displayed in the green bar, 1 week only, but if there was a client or multiple clients before you come, you should wait until it’s your turn, but anyway your post will be published in the blog and category (theme or plugin category).

Submitted Posts

We do not want to fill WP Time using paid posts, we accept 10 posts per 2 months only, be the first! Number of Submitted Posts is 0 of 10:

Submitted Posts 0%

Price of Submitting

The price is $105 on PayPal only.

The Terms

Please read it:

  1. We are not responsible for any loss, for example if you don’t got sales or downloads or anything else.
  2. We are not responsible if the site traffic or the site visitors in decline.
  3. After publishing your submitted post: You cannot refunding the money, but you can delete your post.
  4. After publishing your submitted post: Modify or Edit or Update your post content or post title or featured image URL, or anything else is not allowed.
  5. The post content must be about your product only, other things is not allowed.
  6. Submit WordPress plugin or WordPress theme only, commercial product or free, Drupal or Joomla or anything else is not allowed.
  7. Your post content must be 100 Words minimum or 1500 Words maximum.
  8. Your post title must be 8 Words maximum and 80 Characters maximum.
  9. Size of Featured Image must be 256×256 pixel, png or jpeg or jpg only (50KB Maximum).
  10. Videos must be YouTube or Vimeo only (if you have videos, videos is optional).
  11. At the end of your submitted post we will write “This post is paid (with your name or company name and your website URL or product URL)”.

After Submitting

After submitting on WP Time, this mean that you are accepted the terms.

Before Publishing

In case of violation of one of the terms we will refund your money, and your submitted post will not be published.

Publishing on WP Time

After the payment, your submitted post will be published on WP Time after 24 hours from the date of payment.

Cancel and Refund and Delete

You can cancel publishing your submitted post within 24 hours only (before publishing), and we will refund your money. After publishing your submitted post on WP Time, you cannot cancel it, and you cannot refunding the money, but you can delete your submitted post, if you want to delete your submitted post, we will delete your submitted post (permanently, not in the trash), but you cannot republishing your submitted post until you pay $105 again and resubmission your post.

Written by Qassim Hassan, in 2016/08/24.

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