My name is Qassim Hassan, from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I’m Web designer and WordPress developer, founder of WP Time, writer.

General Information

Age: 26.
Scientific Level: High School.
Languages: Arabic, English.
Job: Find job for me.
Interests: Web design and WordPress development, music, movies, travel.


2009 – Certificate of High School
I graduated from high school (76%) allocate administrative sciences.

2010 – Joining to Yanbu Industrial College
I joined to Yanbu Industrial College, I studied English for 3 months only.
After 3 months I left college.

2012 – Web Design
I started learning web design, Using HTML4, CSS2.

2013 – Learning HTML5/CSS3 & jQuery & WordPress
I started learning web design, Using HTML5, CSS3 with media query (responsive, retina) and keyframes (animation), jQuery.
I started learning WordPress theme design and development.

2013 – Joining to Sun And Sand Sport Company
I joined to Sun And Sand Sports and worked out for 8 months.

2014 – Web Development
I left Sun And Sand Sports Company.
I started learning web development, Using PHP, cURL, JSON, API Services.

10, 2014 – WordPress Plugins
I joined to WordPress Plugin Directory to make and publish WordPress plugins, total download of plugins is 182,638 and run on over 31,270 websites.

11, 2014 – Creative Market
I joined to Creative Market to selling HTML5/CSS3 Templates.

February 22, 2015 – WP Time
I opened WP Time to publish WordPress plugins, themes, tutorials.
Check WP Time summary of 2015.

November 20, 2015 – Images To PDF (closed)
I opened Images To PDF online converter, to convert any image to PDF easily and privacy, available in the chrome web store.

December 2, 2015 – Remote Box (closed)
I opened Remote Box, upload files from direct link to Dropbox, easy and safely and free, available in the chrome web store.

2016 – Selling WordPress Themes
I started selling WordPress Themes on Creative Market.
I joined to GitHub, to publish jQuery plugins and PHP functions.

My Skills

HTML & HTML5 90%
CSS2 & CSS3 90%
jQuery 30%
PHP 30%
WordPress Development (Themes & Plugins) 70%
SEO 50%
Writing Speed (Arabic & English) 100%

Contact and Social

Mobile Phone and WhatsApp +966566880857 .
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Snapchat: Qassim_Dev