Display YouTube or Vimeo video in PopUp, responsive video popup; retina ready, just one shortcode, no options! easy to use.

Video Popup

Plugin Features:

  1. YouTube and Vimeo support.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. No options.
  4. One Shortcode.
  5. Video Autoplay and without Autoplay.
  6. Fully Responsive Style.
  7. Retina Ready.
  8. Easy CSS Customize.

Video Popup Demo

This YouTube Popup with autoplay and this Without Autoplay.

This Vimeo Popup with autoplay and this Without Autoplay.

Video Popup Installation

Download plugin and install it and activate it.


Use this shortcode:

[video_popup url="" text="" auto=""]
  1. url=”here enter youtube or vimeo video link only”, default is none.
  2. text=”here enter your text, for example: my video“, default is same video link.
  3. To disable video autoplay use auto=”no”, default is autoplay.

Or also install Extend Link Plugin, enter video link and vp-a or vp-s class, like this:

video popup link

Note: Read about version 1.0.1

Usage Manually

You can use plugin without shortcode, just enter “class” to video link,
for autoplay enter class “vp-a” and to disable autoplay enter class “vp-s”, for example:

<a href="youtube or vimeo video link here" class="vp-s">My video</a>

<a href="youtube or vimeo video link here" class="vp-a">My video</a>

You can use video popup in image, just enter image inside link, for example:

<a href="youtube or vimeo video link here" class="vp-a"><img src="your image link here"></a>

Click on this image:

video popup plugin

Version 1.0.1

Version 1.0.1 has a new features:

  1. Fixing a problem in auto=”” attribute: Now you can disable autoplay using auto=”no”, or enable autoplay using auto=”yes”, anyway default is auto=”yes”.
  2. Attribute n=”1″ to add rel nofollow to the video link (for SEO).
  3. Attribute p=”1″ to add the video link inside a paragraph.
  4. A premium attribute rel=”1″ to disable YouTube related videos.

If you have Video PopUp Shortcode in the content like this:

video popup version 1.0.1

The result will be like this:

video popup outside paragraph

Look “Video” link is outside the paragraph, use p=”1″ to be inside the paragraph:

video popup inside paragraph

Note: Use p=”1″ if you don’t have a paragraph, but if you have a paragraph do not use it, for example do not use p=”1″ if you have a paragraph like this:

video popup shortcode

Disable YouTube Related Videos

This is a premium attribute rel=”1″ to disable YouTube related videos in Video PopUp, rel=”1″ will be working after buying the extension on PayPal (read refund policy), after the purchase PayPal will be redirect you to the download page, download the extension and install it (like any plugin) and activate it, now use rel=”1″ in the shortcode, for example:

[video_popup url="youtube link" rel="1"]

Or manually use wpt-video-p=”1″:

<a wpt-video-p="1" href="youtube link" class="vp-a">My video</a>

Live demo without Related videosBuy the extension

Note: Attribute rel=”1″ is working with YouTube videos only! is not working with Vimeo, and the extension is working with Video PopUp plugin version 1.0.1 or higher.

Video PopUp plugin uses YouTubePopUp.js jQuery plugin.

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