Add fade effect to wordpress easily, CSS3 only, without JavaScript! custom fade color and time, easy to use, compatible with all major browsers.

Fade Effect Plugin

The features:

  1. Fade effect using CSS3.
  2. Without JavaScript.
  3. Custom fade color and time.
  4. Compatible with all major browsers.
  5. Easy to use.

Fade Effect Installation

Download Fade plugin, install it and activate it, now open header.php file for your theme, now after <body> insert fade html element:

<div id="alobaidi-fade-plugin"></div>

Now plugin is ready! but if you want to customize fade color or fade time, go to Settings > General, now you will find “Fade Options”.

Fade Effect Options

fade effect options for wordpress

  1. In “Fade Color” field, enter fade color code, for example #f00000, default is black #000000.
  2. In “Fade Time” field, enter fade time, for example enter 3 (3 seconds), default is 2 (2 seconds).


In “Fade Color” field, you can use RGBA color code or String color, for example enter “red” or “rgba(255, 0, 0, 1)”.

Download Plugin