Twitter wrofile widget plugin to display your full twitter profile in wordpress sidebar easily, responsive and retina, recent tweets and emoji icons support, RTL support and texts translate ready.

Twitter Profile Widget Features

  1. Display Full Twitter Profile.
  2. Recent Tweets Support (after buying extension only).
  3. Fully Responsive.
  4. Retina Ready.
  5. Designed Using CSS3 & jQuery.
  6. Compatible with all major browsers, Google Chrome, Firefox, +IE9, Safari, iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, etc.
  7. RTL Support.
  8. Texts Translate (translate plugin texts to your language by your self easily).
  9. Emoji Icons Support (with option to disable it).
  10. Easy To Use.

Get Started With Twitter Profile Widget

After installed Twitter Profile Widget plugin, in your wp-admin go to > Plugins > Twitter Profile.

twitter profile widget settings

Consumer Key And Consumer Secret

  1. Go to:
  2. Enter your app name and description and your website link.
  3. Click on “Yes, I agree”.
  4. Click on “Create your Twitter application” button.
  5. Click on “Keys and Access Tokens” tab.
  6. in “Application Settings” table:
    Consumer Key (API Key) this your Consumer Key.
    Consumer Secret (API Secret) this your Consumer Secret.

Look at the images:

twitter profile widget make app

twitter profile widget api keys

Cache Time

Your Twitter Profile Widget and recent tweets will be refreshed after every 1 hour, you can change it, enter numbers only, example: if you want 2 hours, just enter number 2 (2 = two hours).

Disable Emoji

Emoji icons and WordPress smiles will be displayed in your Twitter Profile Widget and recent tweets, but if you want to disable it, click on “Disable Emoji”.

Recent Tweets Extension

Recent tweets will be working after buying the extension, Buy Now for $3.99 only, after buying the extension, you will find extension download link, download it and install the extension as WordPress Plugin, and activate it, after that go to Twitter Profile Widget > Recent Tweets Count field, and enter count of recent tweets.

Widget Texts Translate

twitter profile widget texts translate

Translate plugin texts to your language by your self easily, RTL will be automatically if your website language is right to left.

Twitter Profile Widget Settings

twitter profile widget

  1. Title: enter your widget title.
  2. Username: enter your username on twitter.
  3. Recent Tweets Count: after buying the extension, enter count of recent tweets.
  4. Click on “Save” button.


To refresh your twitter profile widget (will be refreshed after every 1 hour automatically or after your custom cache time), remove Twitter Profile widget from your sidebar and drag and drop it again.

After buying the extension, if you want to disable recent tweets, enter 0 number in Recent Tweets Count field or leave it empty.

Verified icons will be displayed with verified accounts only.

Translate your texts from settings page before using “twitter profile widget” or remove the widget and drag and drop it again to display your translate.

Disable emoji icons from settings page before using “twitter profile widget” or remove the widget and drag and drop it again, after that emoji icons will be disabled.

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