Because we are working on the principle of transparency and clarity, we wrote a refund policy. Please read it before purchase a product in WP Time.


You can request a refund within a 7 days of the date of the purchase only, without mentioning to the reasons.

After Purchasing

When you purchasing a product in, via PayPal, for example, but not limited to, Image Size Extension. This means that you paid the price of the product only. This means that you do not have the right for any reason to request updates*, help**, support, asking questions, or anything else. The price of the product does not include updates*, help**, support, or anything else. The amount is the value of the product only.

*For example, but not limited to, compatibility with any WordPress version, fixing error/bug, or anything else.

**For example, but not limited to, installation, editing, customizing, or anything else.

Maybe you get help, support, or answers on email after the purchase, but we are not obliged to do so. Contact us at any time.

After Downloading

If the product file was lost, we are not responsible for that, this means that you do not have the right to request the refund, and you do not have the right to request the product download link.


After purchase a product in, this means that you agree to this policy.

We have the right to change the refund policy at any time without prior notice.

Difficult Policy

Because we sell high quality products at low price, but we cannot developing and updating our products for lifetime.

Last updated on 15 August 2017.