With Alobaidi Timeline plugin you can make timeline page in 1 minute! Just one shortcode, pagination support with text translation, custom list type, easy to use.

Alobaidi Timeline Features

  1. Make timeline page in 1 minute.
  2. One shortcode only.
  3. Custom list type.
  4. Pagination support.
  5. Text translation.
  6. Easy to use.

Live Demo

Look to live demo.


Download Alobaidi Timeline plugin, install it and activate it, now use this shortcode:


Shortcode Attributes

[alobaidi_timeline number=”” list=”” prev=”” next=””]

Alobaidi timeline has 4 attributes:

  1. number=”here enter number of posts per page” default is 100.
  2. list=”here enter list type, for example: ol” default is “ul”.
  3. prev=”here enter text translate” default is “Previous Page”.
  4. next=”here enter text translate” default is “Next Page”.

For example (Spanish translation):

[alobaidi_timeline number=”50″ list=”ol” prev=”Pagina anterior” next=”Pagina siguiente”]

Download Plugin