Add wordpress background image easily, random background support and unlimited backgrounds, responsive background and compatible with all major browsers and with phone and tablet.

WordPress Background Image

Use Full Background plugin to add responsive full background image, plugin features:

  1. Responsive.
  2. Compatible with all major browsers and with phone and tablet.
  3. Random background support and unlimited backgrounds.
  4. Easy to use, one option only.

Live Demo

This is post using Full Background plugin, we used this background image.


Download Full Background plugin, and install it and activate it, now go to Plugins menu > Full Background.

wordpress background image - settings

In “Backgrounds Links” field, enter list of backgrounds links, one link per line, will be display random background, but if you want one background only, enter one link only.


This is for random background:

wordpress background image - random background

This is for one background only:

wordpress background image - one background only


Random background option in version 1.0.1 only.

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