Best spam protection plugins for wordpress, anti-spam plugin and captcha plugin, protect your website easily, no spam comments with us!

How To Spam Protection

To protect your site use two wordpress plugins only, Akismet plugin and Alobaidi Captcha plugin.


Easy wordpress plugin to protect your website from spam bots, download Akismet plugin, install it and activate it, now go to Akismet website, choose Basic plan, sign up and get your API Key, now go to Settings > Akismet, in “API Key” field, enter your API Key, now spam protection is ready.

wordpress spam protection with akismet

Alobaidi Captcha

Alobaidi Captcha is easy wordpress captcha for all forms, comment form, login form, sign up form, rest password form, no spam comments with Alobaidi Captcha, easy to use, just install it and activate it and enjoy! Download Alobaidi Captcha plugin.

After install Alobaidi Captcha plugin and activate it, now spam protection is ready! but if you want to translate texts or disable some captcha, go to Plugins menu > Alobaidi Captcha.

wordpress spam protection with alobaidi captcha

Read more about Alobaidi Captcha plugin.


With Akismet and Alobaidi Captcha only, I guarantee you spam protection! No need more plugins.