Alobaidi wordpress captcha is easy wordpress captcha plugin, add captcha to forms easily, comment form, login form, register form, rest password form, no spam comments with Alobaidi captcha!

Alobaidi WordPress Captcha Features

  1. Just activate this plugin to add wordpress captcha, easy to use.
  2. No spam comments with Alobaidi Captcha.
  3. All WordPress forms support, login form, comment form, register form, reset password form.
  4. Options to disable any captcha for any form.
  5. Option to disable comment captcha if user is logged.
  6. Translate ready, translate texts and error messages to your language easily.
  7. Compatible with any wordpress theme, no need to customize CSS.
  8. RTL ready.

How To Use Alobaidi WordPress Captcha

After installed plugin and activate it, now wordpress captcha is ready for all forms! but if you want to disable some captcha or translate texts, go to Plugins > Alobaidi Captcha.

alobaidi wordpress captcha settings

No Spam Comments

alobaidi wordpress captcha for comments

I used Alobaidi Captcha plugin more than 2 months, no spam comments with Alobaidi Captcha!

Alobaidi WordPress Captcha Demo

Captcha for comment form:

alobaidi wordpress captcha

Captcha for login form:

wordpress captcha

Captcha for register form:

wordpress captcha

Captcha for rest password form:

wordpress captcha

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