Add related posts after content automatically, related posts by tags, full customize, easy to use.

Related Posts

Plugin features:

  1. Easy to use, just activate the plugin.
  2. Related posts after content automatically.
  3. Related posts by tags.
  4. Full customize.
  5. Filters ready (for custom wrap).

Live Demo

related post


Download Related Posts Plugin, install it and activate it. Now plugin is ready, but if you want to customize, go to Plugins menu > Related Posts, you will find plugin options.

In your posts, use tags, for example: you have two posts about “Twitter”, enter “twitter” tag for your posts, will be display related posts in your twitter posts, you can using multi tags.


This is post has “themes” tag, and this is post has “themes” tag.


wordpress related post options

  1. In “Title” field, enter your title, default title is “Related Posts”.
  2. In “Title Heading” field, enter title heading, for example “h2”, default heading is “h4”.
  3. In “List Type” field, enter list type, for example “ol”, default list type is “ul”.
  4. In “Number Of Posts” field, enter number of related posts, default number is “5”.


To add custom wrap, use this filters:

function add_wrap_to_related_posts_before(){
    return '<div class="my-custom-wrap">'; // start wrap
add_filter('alobaidi_related_posts_filter_wrap_before', 'add_wrap_to_related_posts_before');

function add_wrap_to_related_posts_after(){
    return '</div>'; // end wrap
add_filter('alobaidi_related_posts_filter_wrap_after', 'add_wrap_to_related_posts_after');

CSS Classes

To customize the elements, use this css classes:

.alobaidi-related-posts-title{ /* title class */ }
.alobaidi-related-posts-list{ /* list class */ }

Download Plugin