Best WordPress plugin to Detect AdBlock and prevent browsing using PHP Cookie and Session when the visitor has AdBlock in the browser. Easy to use, just install the plugin and activate it.

Detect AdBlock Plugin

The plugin features:

  1. Easy to use & Fast.
  2. SEO Friendly (No affected with SEO).
  3. Prevent website browsing using PHP Cookie & Session.
  4. Custom message with Preview.
  5. Translate the message to your language easily (in settings page).
  6. Prevent Detect AdBlock from some users (for example disable detecting adblock if the user is admin or editor, etc).

Live Demo

Enable AdBlock in your browser and open this page.

Note: I have a custom plugin used in this page only to detect adblock in this page only, but this plugin will detecting adblock on entire website.

Explanation of Use

Download plugin, install it and activate it, now the plugin is ready, but if you want to translate texts or prevent some users go to “Settings” menu > “Detect AdBlock”:

detect adblock wordpress settings

In field “Title” enter your message title, and in field “Message” enter your custom message with text link, for example:

a custom message

The result:

prevent browsing

Exclude Users

For example if you are the admin and you want to browsing the website without detecting adblock, choose “Exclude Admins”.


Don’t worry! No affected with SEO, the plugin idea is check if the user has AdBlock in the browser or not, detection through Javascript.