Alobaidi gallery is a simple WordPress plugin to create gallery, convert your website to gallery, beautiful design with responsive lightbox, fully responsive and retina ready, easy to use.

Alobaidi Gallery Features

  1. Easy to use! Anyone can create gallery.
  2. Beautiful Design & Modern.
  3. Fully Responsive.
  4. Retina Ready.
  5. Responsive Lightbox.
  6. Black and White image filter.
  7. Convert website to Gallery.
  8. Convert one page to Gallery.
  9. RTL Support.
  10. Translate Ready.

Alobaidi Gallery Demo

Look to full demo.


Download Alobaidi Gallery plugin, install it and activate it, now go to > “Plugins menu” > Alobaidi Gallery.

alobaidi gallery settings

Alobaidi Gallery Settings

“Full Website”, this option for convert website to gallery, will be redirect any page or post to gallery page.

“Gallery Page” field, this option for convert one page to gallery page, will be redirect your “page” to gallery page, to use it, go to “Pages” menu > Add New, and create new page, copy page link and paste it in “Gallery Page” field.

“Count Images” field, enter count of images per page, default is 9 images.

“Black And White”, this option to enable black and white filter to images, like this:

alobaidi gallery black and white

Upload Images

To upload images and display it in gallery, go to “Media” menu > “Add New”, and upload images.

upload images to alobaidi gallery

Caption And Title

After upload any image, open image from media library, and enter title and caption, for example:

alobaidi gallery captions

Custom CSS Or JavaScript

To add custom code in “<head>” use this action “alobaidi_gallery_head”, for example:

function custom_code_to_gallery_head(){
    // My Code ...
add_action('alobaidi_gallery_head', 'custom_code_to_gallery_head');

To add custom code in “footer”, use this action “alobaidi_gallery_footer”, for example:

function custom_code_to_gallery_footer(){
    // My Code ...
add_action('alobaidi_gallery_footer', 'custom_code_to_gallery_footer');

Alobaidi Gallery Themes

Check premium themes for Alobaidi Gallery plugin.

Download Plugin