Do you have a WordPress site? And do you want SEO Optimization? You will know SEO Optimization for any WordPress site, just 8 steps.

SEO Optimization

Any website needs SEO Optimization, and a lot of SEO Optimization services is bad, and a lot of people do not know the true meaning of SEO Optimization, really SEO Optimization is not difficult but require a little of understanding, most people believe that SEO Optimization requires a lot of things and this is not true, do not listen to talk about SEO Optimization, people talk a lot and often doubts or incorrect information.

What Google wants

Google or any search engine is wants (8 steps is required without ranking):

  1. Good web hosting.
  2. WordPress theme SEO Friendly.
  3. Good content:
    1. Exclusive content.
    2. No copy and paste content.
  4. No duplicate content, for example no:
    1. Category archive.
    2. Tag archive.
    3. Author archive.
    4. Redirect post link to some post link is not good (but redirect 301 is good seo).
  5. Redirect 301 for URL redirection.
  6. XML Sitemap and SEO plugin, for example SEO by Yoast plugin for WordPress.
  7. Fixing broken links.
  8. Rel Nofollow in external links in your posts.

Just this things? Yes! When you have a website and you have XML Sitemap, and no redirection errors and no duplicate content, and you have a good posts using SEO by Yoast or any SEO plugin, and fast web hosting and theme SEO Friendly, now you do not need any other things, do not listen to talk about SEO as I told you.

What I need

You need:

  1. Choosing fast Web Hosting. Take a look at Bluehost.
  2. Choosing a good WordPress Theme. Take a look at Elegant Themes.
  3. Setup and settings SEO by Yoast.
  4. Read how to use SEO by Yoast in your posts and SEO Tips.
  5. Redirection plugin.
  6. Fixing broken links.
  7. Rel Nofollow plugin or Extend Link plugin.
  8. Good content & No duplicate content.

You also need to be patient and follow-up, the results do not appear fast, you will notice improvement after a period of up to 6 months.


Really the backlinks are essential and help improve the ranking of search results, but this does not mean that your posts will not appear in the search engines if you don’t have backlinks! Do not buy backlinks, when you write good content you will get backlinks.